For any spectator who does not understand the original language of a movie, subtitles are the dialogues of that given work. Thus, it is essential to keep correction and naturalness in speech, as well as to respect the nuances and intentions in the original script. It is also crucial to make the reading of the subtitles as comfortable as possible, so that the audience can also watch the images on the screen and enjoy the audiovisual production.

The unique subtitling method of Pequerrecho Subtitulación makes all of this possible thanks to the exhaustive work of several professionals in each project. A maximum attention to detail and two checks of the subtitles guarantee the quality of our subtitles.

If you want to see an example of our work, please, visit our YouTube channel, PequerrechoSub.

Non deaf Subtitled image


Creating subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing users should not only involve differentiating the dialogues of the characters with colors and indicating the ambience sounds, but should also fit the needs of the specific audience of such kind of subtitles.

Pequerrecho Subtitulación carried out a study in different Spanish deaf associations to determine the nature of these specific needs, in order to be able to offer maximum quality subtitles for deaf people, so that a higher number of users can have access to audiovisual content.

At present, we keep in touch with the deaf community and continue with our own investigations and constant optimization of this service.

Deaf oriented Subtitled image


Internationalization of audiovisual works requires the translation of scripts, contracts and other documents related to their production and distribution. Such translations should convey the idea and content in the original document, keeping the intention, register and nuances, as any modification of these aspects could be counter-productive when it comes to get co-production agreements, grants, contracts, etc.


As part of our services directed to provide accessibility to audiovisual works, Pequerrecho Subtitulación creates scripts with all the information which is objectively relevant for blind people to understand and enjoy audiovisual content. Afterwards, these scripts should be recorded and included in the final soundtrack of the film, filling in the gaps between dialogues.

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